L'Oiseau Bateau - French Mobiles

L'Oiseau Bateau is a whole world made in childhood country. The company was created in 1994 by a couple, Catherine and Philippe. They named it after the two first words spoken by their daughter Carla: oiseau (bird) and bateau (boat).

L'Oiseau Bateau is famous for its unique and colorful collection as well as for its inventiveness.  The company draws its inspiration from the child, both Sorcerer and Magician, capable of the sweetest smiles and the most destructive storms, a sometimes devilish being with an angel's face.

All the products are handmade, most of them in the Valence workshop in Provence. The quality of fabrics is a top priority to L'Oiseau Bateau as well as the products safety. The pigments used to dye are natural and the products are conforming to European safety regulations.

L'Oiseau-Bateau is distributed all over Europe and also exports some of its collection abroad.

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