Opening Fairy Door Play Set (10 Pieces) - Purple



Create the most beautiful sparkly Fairy Door scene with the Purple Opening Fairy Door Play Set! ....where everything matches!!

Beautifully packaged, ready to give!

This set will get your fairy lover started in the easiest way possible. The fairies will love it too!

This Opening Fairy Door Play Set is manufactured from "Polymer Plastic", a heavy duty, hard compound plastic, that is solid with a wood-like texture. Super high quality - you will feel the quality when you hold it.

The Purple Opening Fairy Door Play Set includes....

  • 1 Purple & White Opening Fairy Door with Removable Background. Measures approximately 20.5cm high x 13.5cm wide (to the widest point)
  • 1 Purple Mailbox. Measures approximately 7cm high x 5cm wide x 2cm deep
  • 1 Purple Window with Removable Background. Measures approximately 6cm square
  • Purple Picket Fence - 2 pieces. Each piece measures approximately 7cm long x 5cm high.
  • Fairy Letters & Envelopes. Includes 4 pretty fairy letter notes and 4 envelopes, so you can write secret letters to your fairy friend.
  • Play Fairy - "Willow". This beautiful little fairy is made from bendable plastic and adorned with colourful sparkles She is perfect to create magical stories with your fairy door. Measures approximately 9cm high
  • Wall Stickers. This sheet of wall stickers is designed to decorate the wall behind your fairy door to create a beautiful fairy garden.
  • Little Story Booklet
  • 1 bottle of Fairy Dust (CHOKING HAZARD - glass with a removable cork so is NOT suitable for young children without adult supervision)
  • 1 Fairy Certificate & Envelope (for your child to complete and keep)
  • Information Sheet 

(PLEASE NOTE - Please handle gently. It has small pieces that may become dislodged if not handled gently. As such it is not suitable for young children under 4 years without adult supervision)


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